Becoming involved with virtual bunny club will connect you with special animals/pets

Once individuals are virtually connected with a pet of their choice through donation, gift purchasing and events participation they will enjoy the privilege of getting first hand updates in the form of pictures, videos, direct messages and newsletters. Being virtually connected with a pet you helped creates transparency and awareness of contributions you made to another living being

What is Virtual Bunny Club?
Virtual Bunny Club lets you virtually adopt, sponsor or donate to a bunny in need; a bunny that is not able to have a normal life and be adopted out due to previous life circumstances or medical issues.

What we stand for:
All the bunnies are happy; and none have daily or constant pain as we do not promote suffering. While the rescue and Haven we support is a Right to Life Centre, and rabbits with good prognosis to a happy life with the correct treatment; despite their challenges; are given a permanent home. Right to Life differs from No Kill Shelters in a way that we will do all in our power to give an animal a safe, happy and cared for home, but we do not promote long term suffering or letting an animal pass on it’s own without intervention if there is no change of a happy life. We will also not let an animal cross the bridge just because he/she has been in the haven for a while and not adopted like in most Shelters.

The Haven and Shelter we support does not let animals cross just because they are physically disabled or emotionally dependant. The shelter supplies the needed care and safe environment to ensure that their little wards are fully cared for while new disabled that enter are rehabilitated and taught how to “bunny on happily “ despite their challenge. You would not kill a child just because he is blind or deaf or lost a leg – why would you do it to an animal? We stand for great care and giving the special bunnies and other animals a greater chance while the people that care for them can have less monetary worries in the important work they do. Looking after these bunnies costs a lot – food, treats, medical expenses as well as day to day expenses to keep the property, electricity and services paid.

What we wish to accomplish:
Our aim is to have each and every bunny or other animal listed on the Virtual Bunny Club to be virtually adopted; to give each one a special virtual home. When you sponsor or virtually adopt a bunny, you will be updated with photos, video clips and updates on happenings regarding that bunny, as well as newsletters and general care tips.

We give you the “inside” feeling of owning a rabbit, without the hard work of cleaning, nightly parades and medicine, doing nurse duty or worrying because your job keeps you away from home too much – The bunny you adopt will be cared for at all times during your busy lifestyle; thus giving you the pet you would love, as well as the lifestyle pace you need to maintain.

Why you should follow us:
We show you the caring for rabbits in general, as well as what happens in the Haven for Special Needs and Disabled bunnies, with all the silly and naughty things they can get up to. If you want to see the positive side of life, the heart-warming side, please follow us and be amazed at how clever these little critters are! The needs and emotional level that rabbits operate in is one of the most misunderstood plights in the world. It is not “just a rabbit”. Follow us to open your world to the cleverness!

What makes us better than other similar brands?
Well, to start off, there is no specific brand that gives Special Needs and Disabled Bunnies a Virtual Home! Where you will feel like you have a rabbit though you do not need the day to day responsibility in care… So we are already unique in that way! The information that we will give regarding Rabbit Care comes over 18 years; from working for over 12 hours per day with bunnies, helping and studying them and getting an understanding of who they really are.